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The great potential of fleet

structure analysis


Your benefits

When your fleet in the commercial vehicle and bus segment is put together correctly, costs can drop. In the fleet structure there is great potential. Our analyses show where and how you can ideally further develop and utilise your fleet.​  



The analysis

The structures and analyses in the fleet area are complex; the potential for savings is correspondingly great.It is necessary to orchestrate several factors optimally, so that customers‘ requirements can be covered flexibly but, as far as possible, cost-effectively:


  • How is the current fleet assembled?

  • Where do which costs arise?

  • What is transported on which routes?

  • How is the vehicle equipped (tonnage, performance and add-ons)?

  • How many drivers are in use with which category of licence? 

  • Does (part) outsourcing of the fleet make sense?


These are just some of the questions that we pose for the analysis of your fleet structure.  ​



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