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Higher margins, thanks to



Its benefits

By skillful price management, you take full advantage of the potential and thereby improve your margins and profits. We analyse the market, your products and price structures for you. In addition, we evaluate the buying patterns of your customers. Thus you can act in accordance with the market and the situation and boost your success.      




The analysis

By a detailed product analysis we collate the sales and margins per product and, using matrix analysis, we determine all relevant factors for your products and services. In addition, the marketing costs of the individual products are examined in depth.

  • Which sell themselves?

  • Where is it worth investing more money in marketing and where not? 

  • How is the utilisation rate taken into account in the forecast?

  • Are the price fluctuations of competitors continually monitored? 

  • Is mystery shopping already carried out and are the results consistently taken into account?

These are just some of the questions which we ask to construct “Flex-business-pricing. 


The customers‘ viewpoint is also a decisive factor in the ability to anticipate, early on, the areas in which opportunities can be taken or risks are possible and how you can take them into account​.  



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